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    Saber - Member Application

    1. êàêîé äîëáîåá êèíóë äûì íà À perhaps your server does not support the display of the Russian language, so this set of characters. I try to write in English as much as possible, but if I meet my countryman, of which there are many, then naturally I turn to Russian. 2. I'm really sorry about the spawn murder, my speech. it won't happen again. Really ashamed of this 3. I don't know what else I can write in part "Tell us about you" . I will try to add something, if there is such a possibility. 4. And also i'll read and follow rules P.s. I not know in what I position now, but if it bad the can whether I as the this correct?
  2. Your In Game Name Saber Age 16 Where are you from? Russia Favourite Server Hardcore Free for All How long have you played Call of Duty 4 for? Between 1 and 2 years Are you currently a member of another group/clan/community? no Do you have any moderation experience? No Have you applied to join VSG before, if so give details no Are you available on Discord? Yes Tell us about you The only thing that may interest you in me is that I often take first-second places on the HC FFA server. This is the reason why i decided to join you

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