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  1. Poki

    New Aliass

    why would you study multimedia.. also no, Craig sadly passed away in 2017. The big C. Tyrone is still feeling guilty. Needs a choking hazard on that thing.
  2. Sure, but the other players will just see a VSG flaming chat
  3. Poki

    Accepted:Sultan - Member Application

    +1 cause I'm a nice person
  4. Poki

    AleksandrA - Member Application

    Except you'd totally see that as the equivalent of two sugars
  5. Poki

    AleksandrA - Member Application

    I'll put the kettle on and he can steam it over my morning coffee
  6. Poki

    AleksandrA - Member Application

    Healthy connections Don't speak polish, so I can't judge chat. No penalties +1
  7. Poki

    Cake - Member Application

    10 connections Good chat, would be keen to bring into discord and get to know via that way. Don't let connections impact too heavily. +1
  8. Poki

    tigerman20 - Member Application

    Bump. @Codex final thoughts? +1 from me
  9. Poki

    Niall - Member Application

    sick fade. Ha. +1
  10. Congratulations, your application to join VSG has been accepted. Please check your PM box for all the details you're going to need in order to get started. ?
  11. Codex knocked it on head. Try not to shout at the guy in local, instead demoing where possible. If he's not aware you're recording, then he's less likely to hide it. Demo, discord, ban.
  12. Poki


  13. Poki

    New Server-Modification Ideas

    I'll sell you a Moscow interloper
  14. Poki

    RnB4U - Member Application

    Is 101st an actual group or just a random tag? Can anyone speak to this?
  15. Poki


    Change from WIFI to wired ethernet.

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