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DixiEfReE - Member Application


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  • Your In Game Name
  • Age
  • Where are you from?
    Czech Republic
  • Favourite Server
    Search & Destroy
  • How long have you played Call of Duty 4 for?
    Between 3 and 4 years
  • Are you currently a member of another group/clan/community?
  • Do you have any moderation experience?
  • Have you applied to join VSG before, if so give details
    NO This is first time
  • Are you available on Discord?
  • Tell us about you
    I'm a 24 year old guy who works and likes playing games. Overall COD play 5 or more years with breaks. I know little English

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Hello DixiEfReE, 


Welcome to the forums and thanks for applying with us! Going over your account you don't seem to be active on our servers you first connected on 04/03/19 And within that 7 months you've only connected a total of 13 times Which is very low for us to decide. And for that reason i will put this application on HOLD for 1 month. Within this time we will monitor your account to see if your connections improve and to see if you follow our servers rules. 


If you're really interested in joining us and you decide to be more active be sure to join our discord and say hello! https://discordapp.com/invite/nb6Atam


// Application will reopen on 17/11/19


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Application has been declined due to player inactivity. If by any chance you become active and would like to join our community just submit another application.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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