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YW - Member Application


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  • Your In Game Name
  • Age
  • Where are you from?
  • Favourite Server
    Search & Destroy
  • How long have you played Call of Duty 4 for?
    Between 2 and 3 years
  • Are you currently a member of another group/clan/community?
  • Do you have any moderation experience?
  • Have you applied to join VSG before, if so give details
    Yes, I asked Adam
  • Are you available on Discord?
  • Tell us about you
    Hi, I play VSG for quite a long time, I like your community, I like your discipline and taking care of the rules. I would like to become one of the administrators and help fight hackers and other bad players.

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Hello YNGWQ,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for applying to join our community. You've got a decent amount of connections of 449 which is good, You do have a few warnings but for the 3 months you joined you don't have that many and they're not that major of warnings so i don't really see any issues there. And your chat logs are okay..  again it's not repeatedly and nothing too major.


i wish you good luck on the application!



What happens now:

We will look at your application and after various background checks give you a decision as to whether you have been accepted or not.  If you are not accepted please do not take it personally, we have many applications from players wanting to join VSG but only a few ever succeed.

When will I hear of the decision:

We will let you know as soon as we have looked into your application.  Please note this could take days or even weeks.

How will I know if I have been accepted or not:
You will see here on your application page if you have been successful or not.  You will also be contacted by pm on these forums and on Discord if your are successful.

 If I am not accepted can I appeal the decision

Only under special circumstances would the decision be reviewed.  Any reviews that do take place would be by the rank 100 administrators.


What can I do while I'm waiting for a decision
Review your application and make sure you have answered all questions honestly

Make sure you have put enough information down, this makes the whole process move faster
Continue playing and try out all of our servers

If you haven't already please join us on Discord: https://discord.vocatus-gaming.com

If you have any questions, please contact one of the admin team or pm one of the Community Managers.

Good luck!

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Hii .. 


Asked Adam what exactly ?? I'm a bit confused by that ..


Is your new alias "kuba"?? Couldn't find any current alias "YNGWQ" .. but yea ..


if that is you ..


You've been warned much times with "Rule 2: Play objective"


Your chat log.. First page does not look at all good .. This is not acceptable




Yea .. no .. This is not acceptable for someone who wants to be a member of VSG


On multiple events, you speak another language alot .. Try and keep it english maybe ?? Just so everyone can understand .. I'm not saying strictly English .. Just like .. More English than Polish ??

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7 hours ago, Blankky said:

Asked Adam what exactly ?? I'm a bit confused by that ..


I think this is what he means by that, xd

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I'm a little worried about this statement:

'help fight hackers and other bad players'


'Ive been a bad player since 2017 and now feel threatened.'

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Hi YNGWQ. Thank you for applying to join [VSG].

From 13/08/2019 to now you have (533) connections. That’s good, but it's important what you did during this time.

1- You received some warning for breaking our rules. Please read all of our rules and follow them. type this !rules in one of our servers to know them.

2- Sometimes your ping not stable and will go up, and make you lag while playing. Whenever you feel this problem, fix it and go back to the game.

3- Some of penalties related to Rule #2: Always play the objective. leave spawn and try for plant the bomb or support your team when you are in attack side. and If you are in the defense, you can camp, but if the enemies make the bomb activated, you have to try to defuse it. Take it serious.

4- You can't force someone to use a gun like knife or snipe or ..., unless your opponent or other player agree with you. Otherwise, if he does not agree, you cannot force him to do so.

5- Your chatlog are not ok at all and it isn’t acceptable. Mostly you use bad words like k**wa, f**k u. This photo shows about half of your bad chatlog.

-1 from me. Good luck!


Edited by Deadshooter
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I apologize for my behavior. I promise it will never happen again and you can always count on me


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With the screenshots provided by the other admins your language is in some cases unacceptable when it comes to being admin, We cannot have any member of our community speaking to other players like you've previously done, Like i stated in my first comment above and with the dates next to your chat logs you can clearly see this type of language isn't happening every time. But at this moment we've come to the decision to DECLINE this application. If you're really interested in joining our community i would suggest to try submit another application in around 1 month and just keep your chat logs clean and follow every single !Rules cause this will have an impact on your next application if you choose to try again in the future.


Thank you.

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